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    Magento Language Translation Module

    Our Magento translate module simplifies Magento translation tasks for store owners. Translate whole Magento store or inline text now made easy with an user-friendly backend of the extension!

    Maximum number of characters: 255

    No need to make changes in Magento language packs / Magento language files when using the extension. You can remove all languages files/ language packs such as Magento German language pack. Your Magento store is ready for all languages like Russian, Korean, German without language pack files.

    The translator includes both Multi Languages and Inline Translation functions. This enables you to create multi languages for your Magento store and correct single inline texts as well.


    • Easy 2-minute installation
    • Support multi language translation
    • Support inline translation
    • Change text for whole store


    Versions supported

    • Magento 1.3.x
    • Magento 1.4.x
    • Magento 1.5.x
    • Magento 1.6.x
    • Magento 1.7.x
    • Magento 1.8.x
    • Magento Enterprise

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